to wash your face with disposable paper towel s. If you must

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When the baby is 2-3 months old, it is easy to have inverted eyelashes, that is, the eyelashes grow inward, which will also cause irritation to the eyeball, resulting in excessive secretion of eye shit, parents do not have to worry too much, use warm towels to help the little guy clean up every morning!

In addition, if some female friends wash their hair during the menstrual period, they should also pay attention to drying their hair with a hair dryer immediately after washing their hair. Some girls like to wash their hair in the evening, sometimes after simply wiping it, they play with their mobile phones with a pack of towels, and this will easily make the cold invade and affect our bodies and the health of the uterus,

A large number of idle rural women have good craftsmanship; insoles, baby shoes, baby clothes, pillowcases, bed sheets, quilt covers, towels, sweaters, too many; if they can be well organized to cultivate standardized production, in addition to retail, customization is also a big market; full moon, one-year-old, wedding, anniversary, etc.; look at the ideas of the officials, do a good job of demand and then map the long-term development Ditto, craftsmanship should be passed on and culture should be revived, you know! Do not say that no one wants embroidered insoles, no one wants is the biggest market!

2. Try to avoid close contact and indirect contact with patients. For example, do not use clothes, towels, toilets and other items that have been used by patients. Therefore, we should use less public goods at ordinary times.

It can be alleviated by the following methods: 1, using cold water or cold compress with ice (wrapped with towels), or washing the bitten area with alkaline soap, which can make the local skin vasoconstriction, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing swelling and itching; 2, external use of calamine lotion, Wuji ointment, Alloson, dermatitis equality ointment for anti-itching and anti-allergy. You can apply it many times a day, and rub it for a while after each application to promote it. Harm. In fact, toilet water is divided into ordinary toilet water and mosquito repellent toilet water, ordinary toilet water does not contain DEET and other ingredients, so the mosquito repellent effect is not good, and the main mosquito repellent ingredient of mosquito repellent toilet water is DEET, but the American Academy of Pediatricians believes that babies over 2 months old are safe to use products with less than 30% DEET content as long as they are applied correctly according to the instructions. So, parents.

After the pain is obviously relieved, if it is a mild scald, you do not need to bandage the scald site, you can go directly to the hospital for medical treatment. In case of severe scald, gently cover the scald surface with gauze or a clean towel to protect the scald. after the treatment is completed, go to the hospital immediately.

Cleaning tools. The facial washing tools commonly used by people have their own advantages and disadvantages. 1. Towel. Towels do not wipe hands and face, otherwise cause cross-infection, and easy to breed bacteria and microorganisms, it is recommended to wash your face with disposable paper towels. If you must wipe your face with a towel, do not rub, gently press the face to absorb water. two。 Hands. Wash your hands thoroughly with disinfectant soap or hand sanitizer before washing your face, then dry them with paper towels, and then clean your face. Do not wash your face with cold hands, otherwise it will shrink the facial pores and go against the discharge of dirt. 3. Cleansing sponge. This product can produce a lot of bubbles and is clean. But pay attention to disinfect it with boiled water before use and put it in the sun and ventilated place to dry after use. R4L Circulation Economic Network

Doctors explained that not all HPV infections are caused by sexual contact, but may also be exposed to patients used towels, bath towels, toilet seats, etc., may cause indirect transmission. If you often stay in a hotel or swim in a public swimming pool, the risk of infection will be relatively high.

JuJuBe mother bag from the United States is the most suitable for parents who care about cleaning problems. Because its surface cloth is covered with patented Teflon coating, the waterproof and anti-stain effect is better than the general anti-splashing cloth, even if it is stained with sauce or pigment, it is clean with a gentle wipe with a wet paper towel. There is also a patented silver ion coating, which can effectively prevent the breeding of mold, which is more reassuring during the epidemic; and it can be washed directly with the washing machine when it is dirty, and the bag can be easily kept clean at any time.

to wash your face with disposable paper towel s. If you must