also a good way to decontaminate the towel s at high temperature.

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11. Suggestion 2-three kinds of medicine (Yima Da Ping an oil) (Junlong wind driving oil) (Shuangfei potion) can buy 5 bottles each. Keep 9 bottles at home, put a set of 3 bottles in the house rented in Beijing, and take another set of 3 bottles with you. These three bottles of medicine are only the size of solid glue and are easy to carry, such as a travel bag. Take out the contents, put on two small towels, and then put the three bottles of medicine (packed in an outer box). These three bottles of medicine are all liquid, so be sure to pad the towel to prevent it from breaking, and then tie the medicine and towel with a rubber band, even better.

Recently, we often encounter some patients with pain on the outside of the elbow joint in the outpatient clinic, and the pain is obviously limited during daily work such as twisting towels, cooking wok, holding children, and so on. In fact, the disease they suffer from is called “external humeral epicondylitis”. Because the disease often occurs in tennis players, we usually call it “tennis elbow”. Today, we are here to popularize the relevant knowledge of this disease.

A mother shared her personal experience of choosing a treasure pillow, such as using a cut latex pillow for the baby, padding a pure cotton towel as a pillow, buying a special baby pillow, and so on. There are also some parents tell you: my two babies do not use pillows, but the head shape is also very good, did not miss sleep.

also a good way to decontaminate the towel s at high temperature.

Many girls routinely wipe their faces with towels after washing their faces, but this method is not good, because some bacteria are easily hidden in towels, and the environment of the bathroom supermarket is easy to breed mold, leading to acne on the face. Therefore, when wiping the face, it is best to wipe it with a disposable facial towel to reduce the growth of bacteria.

Put the dirty clothes in the basket, throw the clothes into the washing machine or dryer, and fold small items such as socks and towels. These simple chores can help children improve their fine and large muscle movement skills and hand-eye coordination, and learn the color and pattern of clothes at the same time.

One popular style of bag that has gained immense popularity in recent years is the gym backpack. This versatile bag is perfect for those who prefer a hands-free option while carrying their gym essentials. With various pockets and compartments, gym backpacks provide ample space for your sneakers, towel, water bottle, and even a dedicated pouch for your makeup necessities. Additionally, they often come with padded shoulder straps, making them comfortable to wear even during long commutes.

People who go to the barbershop to dye their hair know that it takes several hours to dye their hair each time, and half a day is spent in the barbershop. And every time the hair is dyed is an unpleasant smell, a wipe hair, towels can not smell will slowly dissipate after several days.

also a good way to decontaminate the towel s at high temperature.

It is also a good way to decontaminate the towels at high temperature. the towels are dry and sticky when they are wet. at this time, we can directly boil the towels in soapy water for a few minutes, and then rinse them in clean water. so the towel will become very soft and clean.